The English language has become an exchange language. It will always be easier to find the information we are looking for in English over the Internet than in any other language. Also, it is easier today to know English or to meet someone who knows how to speak this language to communicate in countries where other languages are spoken such as French, Japanese, German or Chinese. That is why documents, audios and websites among others are usually required in our native language, Spanish and the "universal" language, English.


  • English - Spanish - We translate any text from English to Spanish and vice versa. We specialize in translating your website content, audiovisual material for subtitling or dubbing, as well as literary material in verse or prose including songs. At the moment we do not translate contracts or any other legal document.
  • Absolute confidentiality - We strictly safeguard the content of the material to be translated. For security reasons, we never upload any document or content to "the cloud", that is, to any online server. In this way we have absolute control of the information. If required (for example, in the delivery of the final result via email), the translation will be encrypted with a password that will only be known by the translator and the client. In this way, even if the electronic medium is read by a third party, they will never be able to know the content.
  • Format - We fully respect the format you are using and deliver the translated result in the same file type (PDF, WORD, TXT, HTML) as well as in the same graphic format (typography, margins, images).
  • Legality - We do not translate any copyrighted material without the explicit consent of the author.

Additional services

  • Subtitles - If you need the translation for an audiovisual, we provide the subtitle service, more information here.
  • Verse translation - Whether it is a poem, a dramatic text in verse or a song, we can translate it respecting the meter, accents and musicality and staying as closely as possible to the original words.


  • Song Eres from Café Tacvba

    Lo que mas quiero en este mundo eso eres,
    Mi pensamiento más profundo también eres,
    Tan solo dime lo que hago
    Que aquí me tienes.
    You are...
    In this whole world what I most love, that is what you are.
    My eternally deepest thought, that is what you are.
    In my command your voice will be made,
    For you I am.
  • Sci-Show The Science of Anti-Vaccination Video
    First, let’s discuss how we ended up with this imagined link between vaccinations and autism in the first place. Autism diagnoses are DEFINITELY on the rise; now many scientists believe that this is largely or even completely because of more effective diagnosis, and changes in how the diagnosis is reported.
    En primer lugar hablemos sobre cómo llegamos a esta relación imaginaria entre las vacunas y el autismo. Los diagnósticos de autismo DEFINITIVAMENTE están en aumento. Ahora bien, muchos científicos creen que esto se debe en gran parte o casi completamente a que los diagnósticos son más efectivos y a los cambios en la forma en que el diagnóstico es reportado.